Hello! My first post here and I am sorry if I am breaking any sort of troubleshooting rules here, I am just in a desperate need of help.

I have the past few days been frustratingly occupied with trying to install Kali Linux on my Laptop, but the issue is that I cannot install it upon my newly created partitions on my main HDD because they somehow end up showing under my live USB, as you can see here: download.jpg (Sorry for poor picture, it was taken with a very outdated webcam)

I have previously installed it and it worked perfectly fine, until I decided a few days ago felt that I should make a complete re-install of Windows in order to purify it, so I wiped everything, reinstalled Windows, but now I cant reinstall my Kali Linux.

I have never been handy with partitions but I have followed multiple tutorials very thoroughly and I know I have not made any petty mistakes.

Furthermore, when I boot it with the "Live" option and opening Gparted in order to examine my partitions I am met by this: GpartedError1 .jpg GpartedError2.jpg

I am frustrated out of my mind before, since I have NEVER encountered this errors previously, therefore I turn to you for help since Kali is vital for my line of work.
Any suggestions?