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Thread: *HELP* Problems with Kali Linux and Windows 8.1

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    Exclamation *HELP* Problems with Kali Linux and Windows 8.1

    Hey guys, I am completly new to these forums and I want your help. I installed Kali on my laptop(It is a Sony Vaio SVS1512Z1E) in a dual boot with Windows 8.1. I installed it successfully but when I start Windows 8.1 from the GRUB2 menu, it gives me an error.

    The boot configuration data foryour PC is missing or contains error
    File: \boot\bcd
    Error code:0xc000000e

    I used 1 partition for kali and it was ex4 and for the root so I could use easybcd from windows 8.1 to dual boot.

    UEFI Settings:

    Insyde20 Setup Utility

    Secure boot: Disabled
    Scure bot mode: Standard

    Boot Mode: Legacy
    External Device Boot: Enabled
    Network Boot: Disabled
    Boot Priority
    Internal Hard Disk Drive
    Internal Optical Disc Drive
    External Device

    PS Sorry for my bad English

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    Hi, first I would like to say that I had no trouble in understanding you. You're English is just fine.

    Secondly, Legacy Mode is most likely what is causing your problems. It is my understanding, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that Kali does not require Legacy in order to boot or install. Also, Windows 8/8.1 will not boot in Legacy mode. At startup press the "delete" key to change the mode back to UEFI.

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