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Thread: Triple boot problem

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    Triple boot problem


    I am trying to install Windws 8, Kali and Arch Linux on the same computer but I have run into some problems. Now First I created 3 partitions and installed Windows 8 on sda1, and then I installed Arch Linux on sda3. But when it came to installing Kali I believe I messed up somewhere along the way. During the install when I got to decide where grub should be installed, I typed in "/" but I believed that should have been something like "/dev/sda2". Both Arch Linux and Kali still works fine but Windows 8 get stuck in a loop of automatic disk repairing. So what I'm wondering is, what did Kali do to sda1?

    Below I have included bootinfoscript being run on the arch system. As you can see the Windows partition is only about 300 MB in size which doesn't sound very reasonable, especially as it was about 200 GB in size before Kali was installed. So yeah that's what I have got so far, I am bit scared to attempt anything as I might damage the system further but any help will be appreciated. (There's too much output for this forum to accept)

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    Take a look here --> Maybe it can be useful for you

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