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Thread: graphical install and text install now wont find my hdd, details inside

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    graphical install and text install now wont find my hdd, details inside

    i dont really know how to make my title anymore descriptive with the limmited amount of words available. there arent any logs to attach, or any reall details. my hdd was working fine with debian, i install kali now i have no hdd. wot. g0tmilk, if this isnt up to your standards can i please have some recomendations? also your guide on how to create a post: <-- link is invalid

    using disk iso kali-linux-1.1.0a-amd64.iso

    first install from live os failed, could not find grub-pc, read online that i would be better off isntalling from graphical or text installers.

    tried graphical install next, installer went trough steps find, formatted swap/ext4 and put grub on MBR. booted up, OS failed to get past init 3, said something about respawning too quickly.

    INIT: Respawning too fast: Disabled for 5 minutes <-- error thrown looking for /sbin/getty

    reboot, reinstalled this time as text installer, now installer says it cant find my hdd.
    reboot restall with grapical installer same, no hdd.

    what do?

    it has an hdd, obviosly. as it detected the drive before, and BIOS shows the drive.

    hardware is pretty standard, laptop amd64, 4GB ram, standard 5400rpm sata2 2.5in hdd

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    back to debian it is then.

    i thought it was rather funny that during the install from dvd-r that the installer couldnt find my cd/dvd-rom drivers. paradoxical.

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