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Thread: Pixiewps: wps pixie dust attack tool

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    Got the wps pin using "reaver -i wlan0mon -b (insert bssid here) -vvv -W 2 (it is a belkin router) -a -c (insert channel number here), tried to get the passwd using the --pin= option in reaver and it gives me a hash looking thing for the passwd. I still couldn't use that "hash" to connect to the network. I tried to disconnect all AP's from the client as well as changing my mac address to one of the AP's connected on the network, still no success. However, I couldn't help but notice that each time I tried with the passwd I got from pixie, it got NACS errors but every time I tried with a different wps pin than the correct one, it tests it and reports that it didn't work. Kinda stuck here. Some information: WPA and WPS (no WPA2), Belkin chipset, WPS is not locked and is, according to the command "wash -i wlan0mon" at a version 1.0 and it does send out beacons frequently. I'm not very far away from the router, according to the wash command, -59. I just want to learn why this is happening and explore.

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    Rtl8671 and linksys e900 is there any way to crack wps pin of above chipset??

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