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    I have confirmed the t6x_reaver port does work, little bit of segault action going on, but it has about a %70 success rate for me, but that may be hardware related... TESTERS APPRECIATED!!!!
    I have agreed with the developers to not release an APK.

    Install both linked binaries(reaver and pixiewps) in the path(eg copy to /system/xbin)
    Have a working copy of bcmon on device.

    How I got it working:
    Enable monitor mode though the bcmon app.
    Open shell in a terminal emulator on device.
    Obtian root in shell.
    Load the bcmon wrapper
    LD_PRELOAD=/data/data/com.bcmon.bcmon/files/libs/ sh
    Then run reaver as normal...
    reaver -i wlan0 -b <target> -K1 -P -vvv
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