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Thread: Pixiewps: wps pixie dust attack tool

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    Pixiewps: wps pixie dust attack tool

    We started a new thread for collecting data:

    Pixiewps is a tool written in C used to bruteforce offline the WPS pin exploiting the low or non-existing entropy of some Access Points, the so-called "pixie dust attack" discovered by Dominique Bongard in summer 2014. It is meant for educational purposes only.

    As opposed to the traditional online bruteforce attack, implemented in tools like Reaver or Bully which aim to recover the pin in a few hours, this method can get the pin in only a matter of milliseconds to minutes, depending on the target, if vulnerable.

    Recovering PIN:

    Recovering WPA-PSK (experimental):

    Brief description: Offline WPS bruteforce utility
    Repository: GitHub
    License: GNU GPLv3+
    Latest release: v1.3.x

    To work properly it requires a modified version of Reaver or Bully (neither versions are maintained by me):
    Modded Reaver mantained by rofl0r and included in Kali: GitHub (active development)
    Modded Bully by aanarchyy: GitHub (stale)

    A non-exhaustive list of vulnerable devices (not maintained by me): here

    Thread where it all started: WPS Pixie Dust Attack (Offline WPS Attack)

    1. Video presentation
    2. Slide presentation
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