First I would like to say Love it or hate it the fact is Microsoft’s suite of office software is a necessary part of many people’s. We use mostly MS office in work and so for document compatibility with Office file formats it becomes compulsion to use it in your own system rather than KOffice, OpenOffice, and Oracle Open Office.

Follow these 4 simple steps to install MS Office.

Step # 1.
Make available the MS Office 7 setup on your hard drive / CDROM / USB.

Step # 2.
Go to Applications > System Tools > Configure Wine and on the "Applications tab" select "Windows XP" or "Vista" under "Windows Version" and click "Apply".

Step # 3.
Run the "setup.exe" installer, right click it, select "Properties" and on the "Permissions" tab check the "Allow executing file as program" box. Now double clicking setup.exe should open it using WINE. If it doesn't, right click it and select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader". Now you can easily install Microsoft Office 2007.

Step # 4.
After installation go to Application > Wine > Programs > Microsoft Office. Your all MS office applications (word,excel etc) resides in this path. All applications works properly except power point.

Solved Power Point Error:
First power point will fail to start. To fix it, go to Applications > System Tools > Configure Wine and on the "Libraries" tab, under "New override for library" type or select: "riched20.dll", then click "Add". Now click the newly added "riched20" file, click "Edit" and select "Native (Windows)" option.