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Thread: DIfference between Suspend and Hibernate?

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    DIfference between Suspend and Hibernate?

    What is the difference between suspend and hibernate?

    I suspended but when I tried to wake it, the monitor didn't turn on, I think nothing turned on. Are there any specific keys I need to press to get it out of suspend?

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    all the machines I have Kali on do not crash upon unsuspend, after the system being suspended by issuing: root@exploit:~# pm-suspend
    and just quickly pressing the power buttons. if this does not work the problem is typically related to videocard. google linux blackscreen after suspend or look on the debian wiki in /suspend or /hibernate for some good methodical troubleshooting/fixing steps. maybe brew a cup of coffee and find your reading glasses first though. this is more a general linux question than an issue related directly to kali. hope this helps.
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