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Thread: Kali Doesn't boot after UEFI Successful Installation

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    Exclamation Kali Doesn't boot after UEFI Successful Installation

    Hello Kali's

    I have Installed Kali successfully in UEFI Mode using this method in this post:

    But unfortunately after process finished an PC restarted, System doesn't detect Kali and goes directly to Windows 8.1.

    Can anyone help me dual booting both Kali & Windows 8.1.
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    You need to provide more information. If it boots straight into Windows 8.1 it sounds like grub hasn't been installed as UEFI correctly. Make sure your BIOS is set to UEFI boot, if it is, then let me know if grub starts?, do you get a black screen with options to chose windows/linux, I'm assuming not.
    If that is the case, you need to live boot a linux distro, and re-install grub for UEFI. I've had a number of issues doing this, but googling "grub UEFI boot" has helped me in the past. You should be able to follow the arch linux wiki for this:

    However you will not have arch-chroot, you will have to manually chroot to your current install.

    tl;dr answer: Grub isn't installed correctly, or your not booting UEFI. Re-install grub.

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