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Thread: Kali (1.1.0a) Usb bootloader problem.

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    Question Kali (1.1.0a) Usb bootloader problem.

    Hello Martin here from Bulgaria, i have been using Debian Jessie recently and changed to Kali.
    I download 1.1.0a and record to usb with latest Win32 Disk Imager from sourceforge.
    Usb booted and i select (Install-witout graphics) everything is OK to the moment that install the GRUB Bootloader, then i got some errors like no device at /dev/sda,b,c,target...
    I start searching and i find that i need to have internet connection but i don't so is there a solution for this huge disadvantage?

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    is it possible to install grubloader standalone somehow or is it possible to fix grub with Live (not-persistent)

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