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Thread: Phone reboots when ejecting wifi

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    Phone reboots when ejecting wifi

    Hi All,

    My first post here so be gentle! I've searched the forum but haven't found anything similar yet, apologies if I've missed something...

    I have a OnePlus One running nethunter, using a recommended tplink USB wifi with OTG splitter etc. all working great!!!

    However, when I yank the wifi out, the phone quite often reboots. I see there is a command in the nethunter shell menu to safely eject usb wifi, but this does not work, and generates a warning: "wireless tools not found".

    The main nethunter launch menu has an option to disable external wifi, and this does seem to sort the problem, but I don't know what this is actually doing, and there isn't an option to turn the wifi back on again.

    Any pointers and advice would be much appreciated.


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    OK, running the command (before disconnecting the device):

    rfkill block wlan

    Seems to have the desired effect. And I _think_ that it gets enabled again when starting mana up, and does not interfere with the device in built wifi. I'll test some more and report back how I get on.

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    This is a known issue with the wifi firmware (I believe) and people have had success calling the device down before disconnecting.

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    Hey binkybear,

    Thanks for the tip. You're right, all that is required is a quick:

    ifconfig wlan1 down

    And then when it's needed again:

    ifconfig wlan1 up


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    "ifconfig wlan1 down" doesn't work on Nexus 7 - 2013

    I've tried PwniePad - no problems with WiFi-Adapter disconnect.

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    @schinfo - The problem on exists in Android 4.4.2+ for wlan prima enabled devices. So anything newer then that is going to have reboot issues.

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    To get it not reboot on unplugging. Start kali terminal. Do a ip link show up. See if mon0 or wlan1 are up.

    If they are do a ip link set wlan1 down
    And then unplug. This will prevent it from crashing the device.

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    try : iw dev mon0 interface del

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