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Thread: nethunter terminal emulator problem

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    nethunter terminal emulator problem


    I spotted some weird behaviour with the terminal emulator. I had a shell script that I had created, and was working fine. I ran cp to create a new version of that script that I was going to use for a slightly different purpose. The copy that I made was all messed up! When editing it with vi, the content was there, but appeared up above the screen (viewable by scrolling up), and I was not able to interact with the script using vi. nano was also having some trouble.

    If I reduce the font size, everything starts working OK, and I can edit the file, but when I :wq and run the file, it was failing. I eventually opened the script using an ssh session from my Mac, and there was definitely something odd. Some lines were duplicated, some were chopped off early or continued on the next line. All very strange. By fixing the file in ssh session, it started to run fine.

    Anyone have similar problems? Is it an encoding issue or some other setting with the terminal?


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    I noticed this as well on my 2013 Nexus 7. I was able to fix it by editing the /root/.bash_profile and comment out the line "stty columns 80".

    That fixed all my strange terminal issues concerning wordwrap, using kismet, editing with vi etc. It doesn't matter which screen orientation, works in both.

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