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Thread: Dual boot, Kali & Ubuntu, Gurb Rescue error. PLAY BY PLAY

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    Dual boot, Kali & Ubuntu, Gurb Rescue error. PLAY BY PLAY

    I have Ubuntu installed on my main HHD. (SSD)
    I installed Kali onto my 2nd HHD. (this used to be the DVD drive but is now a SSD)

    When I boot into the system I receive the following.....

    GRUB Lading.
    Welcome to GRUB!

    error: no such device: 91zz********
    Entering rescue mode ...
    grub rescue>

    Now if during the startup I hit F12 I can .....

    Please select boot device:
    Hard Drive
    Enter Setup

    Selecting Hard Drive I go the normal dual boot screen. From there I can boot into Kali or Ubuntu and everything works perfect.

    From Ubuntu Terminal i have..... sudo update-grub This does not help
    I have installed yannubuntu/boot-repair Interesting note during boot-repair.. It asked if the main SSD was removable.
    Now it boots to the dual boot screen but only allows me to boot into Ubuntu. When I try to boot into Kali it returns to the Dual boot screen.

    I ran sudo update-grub again which did not help

    So i found....... grub-install /dev/sda (installation finished. No error reported) Rebooted..... Nothing no help.

    so i ran boot-repair again..... trying advance options.... checking Restore MBR and apply.......... (/10834450/) ......... Rebooting........ **** Missing operating system. DHCP is thinking........ ok.... Powered off.

    Rebooted....... missing operating system. **** ..... Rebooted F12 fine. boot-repair (/10834489/)

    reboot...... Into Ubuntu just fine, Kali still messed up.

    Stopping now and asking for help......

    Would you like to see my grub.cfg file?


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