Hello, my dear friend! I extrimaly need your help and support! I need a very small (up to 500 Mb) LIVE USB with UEFI booting and installing (optionaly, with instalation on PC) Intel x86_64 supported Build! please help me.. I need install and booting from it om my EUFI x86_64 with Intel CPU and windows 8.1 PC! I have a very slow internet connection, becouse i need lightweight buid with only basic functions and UEFI core.. booting and Instalation!

I need build with UEFI bootind and installing support!

All i need - this very simple and lightweight GUI and full support of airtrack-ng and other basic network inspection tools with support latest wi-fi network cards. And i need support TouchScreen, becouse i will use it on TouchScreen based PC. I want install it with my Windows 8.1 as second OS and when my PC will loading, iwant to make a choice what OS i will boot.

Now i have 3 PCs when i can make build, but don't know how i can do it)
1-st PC - with Windows 7 x64 and AMD64 CPU without TouchScreen and without UEFI (with standart BIOS and MBR)
2-nd PC - with Windows 8.1 32 bit OS on x64 Inte based CPU with TouchScreen and with UEFI
3-rd PC - Cent OS 6 Linux 32 bit on x86 Intel CPU with Bios and MBR

Please help me make a build what i need, or create build for me in ISO or other format and i will download it and USE for Live booting and installing on my UEFI TouchScreen x86_64 PC. Thank you! will waite for your help!