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Thread: Kali install freeze post-login

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    Kali install freeze post-login

    Hi Everyone!
    So I know I'm a very(VERY) inactive user on this forum, but I just ran across an issue installing Kali(Which I'm more than comfortable with) on a new computer I ordered. I've done countless Kali(as well as other distributions) installs but for some reason when I attempt an install on this laptop, I get past the boot screen, past the loading screens(verbose) past the gui log in screen, but once past the log in, the computer hangs.
    I can get to the terminal no problem, but whenever I attempt to launch gnome, it fails without an error message of any type.

    I've tried both the 32bit and 64bit versions on this pc and still the same issue happened in both cases. Anyone else here have this issue(even better, a resolution)?

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    The same issue i have it with 64 bit Roling Distribution, and still not have hound sollution..

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