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Thread: Kali runs slower from hard disk than Live CD

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    Kali runs slower from hard disk than Live CD

    I have installed the latest Kali 1.1.0 to the entire 2nd hard disk (a 2.5" Tosihba 250GB 5400rpm) of a PC. But I found the Kali runs sluggish and access the hard disk quite a lot. For example, everytime I open the top left Applications menu, the secondary selection menu does not show instantly but wait for the hard disk to spin a while. Also, everytime I enter a URL into Iceweasel, the cursor stops sometimes waiting for spinning of the hard disk. The browsing of internet is slow that always waiting for the hard disk spin before downloading data from internet. However, in comparison, Kali runs smoothly when booted up from the Kali Live CD.

    I installed Kali to the hard disk in the following procedures:
    - Physically disconnected the serial cable to the 1st hard disk which installed with Windows Vista;
    - Installed Kali to the 2nd hard disk from Live CD;
    - Reconnected the serial cable to the 1st hard disk;
    From now on, I select booting to Windows or to Kali from the PC's Setup boot menu (i.e. boot from 1st or from 2nd hard disk)

    Is this installation to hard disk causes the problem of running sluggish?

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    Problem solved by installing Kali to a full size Seagate 250GB 7200rpm hard disk instead of the 2.5" Toshiba.

    Just don't know why the hard disks have a lot of differences.

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