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Thread: How to turn off Kali Menu's first beep?

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    Arrow How to turn off Kali Menu's first beep?

    Hello, How can I turn off first beep of Live Kali linux before menu appearing? I tried to edit /isolinux/menu.cfg but I couldn't find any ^G tag to disable this beep sound.

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    Go to /etc/gdm3/greeter.getting a
    And find the line (near the bottom)about turning of greeter audio and change its value.

    I found this pretty weird seeing as I thought gdm3 just controlled the login screen but it worked for me and I hope it works for you

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    Hello everyone,

    I've modified the /isolinux/menu.cfg file to remove the ^G sign a the end of the menu line
    in the ISO file....
    Well, now, how to make new iso with this modification ?

    The bootloader configuration doc can be find here:

    I've tried to copy /usr/share/live/build/bootloaders to config/bootloaders
    and edit the ./isolinux/menu.cfg file removing the ^G sign at the end of Title Boot menu line
    but without succes... So, I'm very new to this kind of things... Many things can be wrong at mine.

    The second thing is that it seems we could put the modified menu.cfg file in the config/includes.binary/isolinux/ ...
    I'll try this now...

    See you soon ;-)

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    The solution:
    remove the '^G' sign in the /usr/share/live/build/bootloaders/isolinux/menu.cfg file...

    then, lb build your favorite ISO ;-)

    to see or remove this famous '^G' sign, use "nano" ...
    a "cat" won't show it ;-)


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