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Thread: Suggestion for custom Desktop Environment

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    Suggestion for custom Desktop Environment

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post in here, so i hope i made it right. I was looking for installing a different DE on my kali machine, and I actually did (i'm on a XFCE kali right now), following the guide ecc. But, after I've thought.... Could it be possible to set the DE selection during the installation using the mini ISO? I mean, in Debian there's the "net-install", which gives you the possibility to choose the DE after the base system installation, downloading a small ISO image (about 250 MB). Could it be used also with the mini ISO of kali? IMO it would be very appreciated: it would be better than installing the default Kali, building your own custom ISO and then reinstalling it again.

    This is just a suggestion. I know that if it's never been done, probably there would be a reason that i don't know (and if it's so, i'm really sorry for asking this dumb question), but it would really be the icing on the cake.

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    Corsov, hey If I understood your problem then you are wanting to install your own fav DE in kali at pre-install phase, I mean within kali linux iso. I know it how to include your fav DE in iso in Ubuntu but I don't know that will it work in debian or not. In Ubuntu you have to install ubuntu builder and from that gui software you can download base image and choose your own fav DE and install it in the iso.

    This is what i am dealing with.. Same problem here!
    I want to develop my custom kali linux which will be based on Ubuntu. I know how to do it but I want to know that how can I install all the kali tools in my custom Distro? I read about that but i am not sure, if I want to install all kali linux tools in my ubuntu based distro then will it work properly? or may I broke something??

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    As I can say from my low-med debian-based distro's knowledge, you should be able to install all your kali linux tools in your Ubuntu-based distro without causing damages on your system. Also kali is debian-based, so it should be the same.

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    Ubuntu is based on Debian.
    Kali is based on Debian (whereas Backtrack was based on Ubuntu).
    This means, what works on Ubuntu, may not work on Kali (and the other way around).

    Note, mixing the Kali repos on other OSes (such as Ubuntu or Debian) isn't recommended or supported (by Kali or any other distro).
    Doing so, you WILL break something.
    May not be straight away - but as Kali has custom modifications (both in the packages and the core OS), applying these to another OS will damage it long term (for example, packages/kernel clashing).

    This is covered in other threads - both people asking the same question as you, "is it safe to mix repos & OSes?" - as well as their horror stories afterwards (and asking for help).

    If you still choose to go ahead and do it - you are on your own.
    This is a Kali-Linux support forum - not general IT/infosec help.

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