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Thread: root passwd problems with OS

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    root passwd problems with OS


    I am running kali linux the latest build. I am running it from a USB drive in persistence mode. I have a macbook pro and it won't boot from the USB so I have to boot from the live CD till the GRUB and then choose live usb persistence to login to the system. I wanted to change my root passwd so while I was logged into my root account, I issued the command

    passwd root

    That asked me for a new passwd twice and I entered it both the times correctly. Later when I rebooted the system, it wont accept the new passwd (not the old one also) and wont let me login saying authentication failure.

    I have a second account on the box called "phantom" which does not have sudo privileges and both

    sudo passwd root
    sudo adduser phantom sudo

    does not work! Directly trying to edit the sudoers file from this second account does not let me do so cause I dont have sudo rights.

    Pressing 'e' in GRUB when I select the USB option does not work.

    What is the way around this? I can't afford to reinstall and lose the system.

    Any help is appreciated...

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    Have you tried the default pw when attempting to log on as root?

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