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Thread: Error installing grub [Dual Boot-Kali & Windows7]

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    Error installing grub [Dual Boot-Kali & Windows7]

    Hi, sorry for my bad english I use google translator

    I'm trying to install kali linux with windows 7 dual boot is not the first time I do, tube problems to format and start all over again

    I followed this tutorial , I created all necessary partitions and when the installation finishes can not install the grub properly

    the system is installed but does not install the darn grub

    ¿¿As I can fix this ?? ¿¿what is wrong ??

    Greetings and thanks
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    When it comes to install GRUB, if all your OSes are listed, you have to install it on the MBR (Master Boot Record). You should set the option "Insert the device manually" (in Spanish, it should say "inserte el dispositivo de forma manual", or something similar), and then type "/dev/sda", without the "". Now it should works.

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