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Thread: Grub2 refuses to recognize the exisence of kali linux LVM encrypted in dual boot

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    Question Grub2 refuses to recognize the exisence of kali linux LVM encrypted in dual boot

    I followed this guide to the letter, but none of the initramfs or anything appears in my /boot when i'm looking at it from debian perspective. I'll post a photo when i get back from my classes but essentially my drive set up is as follows
    -200 gb ext4 primary "Debian Wheezy"
    -10 gb swap primary "Debian Swap Space" (I know the size is excessive.)
    -256mb ext2 primary "Kali linux unencrypted /boot"
    -~200gb encrypted LVM
    --190gb ext4 kali linux
    --10 gb swap space

    I can't think of what I'm possibly doing wrong. Thanks for reading. Can it have anything to do with my swap being primary? I've ran update-grub, update-grub2 and have osprober installed.

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    Hey there

    I'm having massive issues with new Kali installs.

    Are you EFI booting? I'm working through a bug with EFI where it wont install correctly in a dual boot environment. So far I have tried an encrypted LVM install, LVM install and a normal install. None of which will let me boot.
    chown -R us ./base

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