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Thread: download hash "shamu-lolliop" for NetHunter for Nexus 6

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    download hash "shamu-lolliop" for NetHunter for Nexus 6

    I'm downloading Nethunter for Nexus 6; after download (, I issue, md5sum and I get a hash, e55dd2bc3ed2f2c11d4ddffb8eedf986, different from that in the Nethunter Download page for nexus 6 ( a0ef682f95237b6b293d16b24fec7b46b12f53a4 ). Interestingly, another machine is used to download the same file, and the same consistent hash is obtained, still different from a0ef682f95237b6b293d16b24fec7b46b12f53a4.

    Is anyone getting the same download/hash error?
    Thank you.

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    Sorry. My bad... I used md5 instead of sha1. Thanks.

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    okay, going to try posting this again...

    I have been trying all morning to install the latest NetHunter for my Nexus 6.

    If I use the installer app, I get a hashcheck error on the "Kali Linux NetHunter" download and verification. If I manually download it and try to use it in the app, I get the same error.

    If I manually flash the .zip in twrp, it causes twrp to start acting buggy. I did some research on google and read that it is supposed to be flashed over stock AOSP 5.1, so I did that and it succeeds but then it won't boot past the google splash screen.

    Any suggestions?


    EDIT: got it up and running. I'm still getting the hash check fail on the windows installer (only on my n6), but did a clean install and flashed nethunter via twrp and all is well until I update chroot, but I'll go find the correct thread for that problem.
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    What did you do to get it up and running? I am having the same hash problem.

    Edit: I was able to get it to work as well. I selected "Install Custom Kali Linux NetHunter" on step 3 and browsed to the file. This apparently skips the hash check.

    Hope this helps anyone else having this problem
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