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Thread: Speeding up aircrack

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    Speeding up aircrack


    I found this thread:

    and the user said he cracked a password in 30 minutes using crunch and feeding the output to aircrack. I used his technique on a .pcap file I have with my own WPA2 password in it. I know how long it is (14 characters) and I know it's all lower case letters with no numbers.

    I've run aircrack with crunch but even after 2 weeks it still hasn't found my passphrase yet. How can you find results in 30 minutes? It seems like it would take much longer. Are my expectations correct or have I run aircrack-ng incorrectly?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello !

    The author of that thread was too optimistic
    In that thread was post which looks more truly.
    Better use the power of GPU than CPU.
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