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Thread: Has anyone found a USB Boro/endoscope that works with Nethunter and what app works?

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    Has anyone found a USB Boro/endoscope that works with Nethunter and what app works?

    Hi So I want to use kali nethunter for physical pen tests and using kali nethunter with a USB Endo/Boroscope to see under doors would be useful but so far all the Endoscopes and apps I tried do not seem to work. Has anyone had any luck with this? What camera did you use? What app to view it?


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    Uh, not sure how helpful this will be but,

    So it seems from android 4.3, USB UVC support should be in the kernel, so if your USB OTG support doesn't reject USB UVC devices immediately, then that's a start. Using a normal UVC type external USB webcam and an external USB webcam viewer app should allow for checking for that functionality. Also, apparently since 4.4, root may be required to use USB UVC it seems. Unfortunately, external USB webcam support apps seem to be hit or miss regarding USB OTG.

    So, if UVC is working correctly, then working against lists of known good linux support UVC devices is the next step.

    Which suggests a Supereyes boroscope, likely one that does WMV/DZC video output.

    This one on amazon has a review claiming linux mint with cheese (which can use UVC) correctly used the device. But that naturally doesn't cover OTG modes android would use.

    As always, the quality of your OTG cable, and providing external power via the OTG adapter will probably be critical. Whether the viewer app needs to be running before you plug in the webcam/scope might be another issue.

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