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Thread: xfce on kali doesn't work

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    xfce on kali doesn't work

    Hi everyone, it's me again

    As on title, my xfce4 kali linux doesn't work: i installed my own custom build of kali changing the DE, I've installed it without problems, I logged in as root, install all the programs that i need, added a new (normal) user, logged out, relogged and then........There was no Xfce session. It's switched into gnome-fallback; where I am wrong? Oh yes, the audio system is gone (or better, it never comes). Where I am wrong? Is there a soul that can help me?

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    Never mind, I'm done. It seems that running "update-alternatives --config x-session-manager" on terminal and select the "xfce-session" was enough.

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