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Thread: Any other programs to create evil twin/rogue access points?

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    Any other programs to create evil twin/rogue access points?

    Hey guys, I'm seeming to have some issues with airbase-ng.. when I create an AP the speeds are very low... I've checked the official aircrack tickets and it seems to be a known issue.

    Does anybody know of any other ways to create a rogue AP besides airbase?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Reference Programs

    WE recommend pwnstar9.0 You can download the stock version look for the pwnstar9.0 thread by vulpi in these forums.

    You can download the Musket Team Version with support for WPA phishing Go here at the bottom of the thread,414.0.html. We are working on a newer version

    The king of phishing programs is Aerial look for the thread in these forums.

    Try linset see aircrack-ng threads for the Musket Team version or search for the stock version.

    Finally there is easy creds. MTeams has not used this program.

    We suggest you read thru the current threads on the new aircrack-ng releases and the problems therein. If you are using the newer airmon-ng these programs may not function.

    We are not having any problems with pwnstar9,linset or aerial when using the older airmon-ng version.

    Read thru the threads especially Pwnstar9.0 and Aerial before you try and use them. All the problems are outlined there. In the Pwnstar 9.0 thread there is a method to allow apache2 to accept https requests.


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