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Thread: Creating presistent USB: Cant create persistence.conf

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    Creating presistent USB: Cant create persistence.conf

    Hello everyone,

    I'm just about to start using Kali but an problem have came up that I'll hope you can help me with.

    Made an live-usb with the official guide and everything works great.
    The problem is with adding unencrypted persistence.

    Fourth and last step:
    4. Create a mount point, mount the new partition there, and then create the configuration file to enable persistence. Finally, unmount the partition.
    mkdir -p /mnt/my_usb
    mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/my_usb
    echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
    umount /dev/sdb3
    Everything in the guide works fine until
    echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
    Then I'll get
    bash: /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf: Permission denied

    Also I'm quite new to Linux in general and struggling to understand what the command actually do.
    echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
    My interpretation is that the program union will create presistence.conf but google does not seem to have any reference to such a program.

    If that is the case, union is not installed and bash tells me that i can install it with:
    sudo apt-get install emboss
    ...and thats seems to be a package with over 150 programs to work with DNA and proteins.

    Any idea whats going on and how to solve this?

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    Solved it.

    For future reference it was some ting with my privileges in Ubuntu so just boot the Kali stick and do it there instead.

    echo "/ union" > /mnt/my_usb/persistence.conf
    Still interested in what the "/ union" command does if anyone knows.

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