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Thread: Nexus 7 2012 - BusyBox install not detected by TWRP Manager

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    Nexus 7 2012 - BusyBox install not detected by TWRP Manager

    Hi all,

    Pretty new to rooting devices so this may be something really obvious. Bear with me.

    I have a Nexus 7 2012 16GB. I tried to install NetHunter by following the steps here:

    I've run into some issues on the 'Prepare' phase.

    BusyBox install issues
    After rooting my device with Nexus Root Toolkit (with custom recovery checked) & boot back into the device the BusyBox app is already present on my Apps screen.

    When I open it it starts going through the verification of files that is part of it's 'Smart Install' feature. When I wait for it to complete it says there's a bunch of applets that are not installed / not symlinked.

    If I hit the Install button at the bottom of the app, it tells me that BusyBox is already installed, but not the version I selected. I don't recall the selected version number exactly (1.23.01?) but the install path
    shown at the top of the BusyBox app is /system/xbin.

    This differs from the steps in the 'Prepare' page on the NetHunter site. There it says to install BusyBox from the Play Store. If I try and do this the install fails.

    TWRP Boot Manager not detecting BusyBox
    Despite the BusyBox confusion above I carried on with the steps on the 'Prepare' page.

    After installing TWRP Manager and booting, it gives me a message about being unable to write to the /sdcard and that it can attempt a fix to this (don't have the exact message in front of me).

    When I hit OK, to this message it then says that BusyBox needs to be installed (despite being already installed). I can't continue with any TWRP operations because it won't proceed passed this error message about installing

    Anyone have any idea where I've gone wrong?

    I've since messed up my device OS trying to correct the BusyBox situation manually so I will need to restore to factory image tonight. Hoping to correct whatever caused the problems above on my next attempt.


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    My name is Bret. One of the developers of TWRP Manager and partial owner Jmz Software. I apologize that you are having issues with the app/busybox.

    Are you running the stock OS from Google on your Nexus 7? If so, try completely removing busybox and installing it again. After this, if successful, try TWRP Manager again.

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