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Thread: Can not start Kali in VirutalBox

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    Can not start Kali in VirutalBox

    I was using my virtual Kali (v 1.1.0 32 bit) by VMware but yesterday I decided to use Vbox instead of VMware, so I shut down Kali from VMware first. Then, create new machine in VBox using vmdk file of Kali. Yesterday; after starting VBox, everything was fine, but today when I tried to restart Kali, it stops here:


    It was working in VBox but thats happened when I restart the machine, and I do not know how to fix this or are there any way to do it.

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    As long as Kali previously worked in VMware, I doubt it's a Kali related issue. I would recommend that you try re-installing Kali rather than importing existing VMDK files and see if that helps.

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