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Thread: RTL8187 Clarification

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    RTL8187 Clarification

    Okay, so I've been running into numerous issues with my AWUS036H. At home on my iMac (with Virtualbox) using either my powered hub or direct connection with no modifications to the drivers, the card will run for about 10 minutes or less then shut off. Or almost immediately after launching airbase. At work, the card ran for a good hour with airbase (windows with Virtualbox). Both places I get the -1 error. I've been googling for hours on this subject as far as backported drivers and managed to get the backported drivers (3.19) installed with no patching and iwconfig shows my extension. lsmod | grep rtl shows my driver is correct, and dmesg shows nothing of interest. However, as soon as I do airmon-ng check kill && airmon-ng start wlan0 it turns my interface into wlan0mon and no longer allows scanning. I've read a lot of different posts and have tried a variety of things. Would someone be able to clarify whether I actually need the backports driver, and if I do, does it need to be patched? Based on Aircrack's wiki and all the posts I've read, I'm slightly turned around on this subject. And would like to know why it keeps shutting off.

    Thanks for the help!

    Edit. I noticed that RFKill will hard block it after some time. Though I don't have a wifi switch since it's a virtual machine?
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    try to change usb cable

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    i am using USB y cable on my awus036nhr, working well, Y cable seems to give my awus036nhr more amphere

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