I had previously posted this but apparently it was not received by the system, so let me try to get this down again.

I have wanted to get back into Linux after a several years hiatus (like 10) sadly this is not improving my fond recollections of this. I was able to install a new copy of the DVD ISO from the website. Install it over a window 7 installation that has not seen much modification except as a media server and some light networking and media transfers. Acceptable connections from Windows 7 box to the router via Ethernet and also to the internet in general. To it's credit no issues with installing VirtualBox, the ISO, or getting the installation to network either. The issue I am running into is with an openvpn installation.

Please allow me to explain as I do *NOT* care about the following details:

1. Ever getting into the rather arcane and complexity filled world of running my own openvpn server that is why I have a VPN service provider I have used with Android to great affect.

2. Needing to do a lot of the configurations that are being recommended for the Wiki's process as outlined in a document that is referenced by Google again, and again, and again designed for Debain. As they refer to pieces of data that are not applicable (copy configuration files from a server I have zero access to, get keygen data that I don't have and don't need,etc).

I can sign into the VPN as illustrated above for at least two different Android devices and also it is able to log onto the connection as a tun0 device. I am not sure how to easily and simply get a connection that is being made here and then have this be the way to send and receive all traffic between the instance and the outside world.

Having tried this with Kali, Ubuntu Desktop 15.04, Debian 8, and CentOS most recent this seems to be more of a "Linux like you to make your world hard" issue than a Kali one but I wanted to go back to Kali because of positive impressions and feedback I have received from various references in the forensic field.

I am sure I will have to check various things, areas, and provide more data. I just need to know in order of what order of presidence and what data should be included and what I should keep private for the inevitable troubleshooting process. Having spent at least 5 hours a night for about 4 days has left me to break down and ask.

Thanks for your time in advance.