Hey guys,

I'll cut straight to the point:

  • Trying to install to HDD from Live USB
  • Target hardware: Lenovo Ideapad S205 >> This apparently has problems with Debian because of a f'ed up BIOS/UEFI system
  • (Graphical) install goes smoothly
  • It doesn't boot from HDD after the installation
  • It starts into my system's multiboot menu containing the HDD and Network boot as options. Selecting HDD results in a failed boot, after which it tries the network boot (which obviously also fails)
  • Read here that I had to install grub1, but when I tried it (with Kali live and with grml live) it couldn't find grub-legacy to install

Thus, two questions:
  • Am I trying the wrong thing? If not:
  • How can I get grub1 on my Kali HDD installation?

Things I tried (to no avail):
  • Partitioned manually
  • chroot'd to install and update grub
  • Legacy/UEFI mode switching (NOT available in my BIOS)

Thank you in advance for your time and help!