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Thread: Starting Metasploit Framework Shows Me That Root Is Full - But Home System Has Plenty

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    Starting Metasploit Framework Shows Me That Root Is Full - But Home System Has Plenty

    Good day, how are you gentlemen?

    I have a nice dual-boot Kali/Win7 machine here. I followed some instructions from an online source (can't remember who) and used the space recommendations from that source for the Kali install. root has only 1GB of space available, and that's after some command line wizardry to empty apt-get cache. I have read several threads about this issue, but I am curious about something specifically:

    Why did the instructions offer advice to put so much space in /home? There are 90+ free GB of space there, and why does everything I do fill up root, which as per instructions I only allocated the 10GB or whatever? I am new to linux administration and this is my first install and things have been going nicely, honestly, until I wanted to check out the metasploit framework and then I got a not enough space error. Can I move space to root, or can I set things up so that the vast unused space in /home is used instead?

    Here is a screenshot, and hopefully you'll understand my frustration at having so much space RIGHT THERE but unable to use it as needed.Screenshot from 2015-05-19 11:07:03.jpg

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    The root users home map is located at /root while all others has theres in /home/username. Thats why that space is not used.

    Ether create a new user with adduser. Just type
    adduser your_desired_user_name
    Or if you want to be root reallocate the the space with fdisk or GParted. Never done that myself though so I cant help you with that.

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    I never tried this with root user, but i believe you can change it's home directory just like any other user

    usermod -d new_home_dir root

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    Grate idea, sadly usermod is not able to do it with the root user.
    usermod used.jpg
    But you can manually change the home directory, configuring the passwd file
    nano /etc/passwd
    change the line
    Than I used
    cp -r /root /home/root
    which should copy all files from /root to /home/root but it only copied some of them. Any way, frustrating tho it ar, if you encounter the same just drag and drop the rest.
    now reboot so the changes takes effect.

    Any one knows what went wrong with the cp command?

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