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Thread: Wireless card showing as PHY

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    Wireless card showing as PHY

    Hi there

    I have recently installed Kali dual booted with Windows 7 rather than in a VM.

    I then installed my graphic drivers following this guide:

    After that I noticed that when entered the command airmon-ng I now get a PHY column.

    I can no longer use wifite as it gets stuck on selecting the available wireless device.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I ca provide more details if needed.

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    Known issue if you upgrade your version of aircrack-ng.

    Will be fixed soon.
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    Make sure you aren't connected to a wifi network before excute wifite, or you won't be able to set it to mon0 mode.
    This happenned to me just today, then realize that was the problem

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