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Thread: Which proccesor type to select

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    Which proccesor type to select

    Dear readers,

    I would appriciate your help. I'm considering to get a new machine(notebook) where i will be running cali and i'm not sure if lower quad core processor is better than higher frequency dual core processor. Can you help me out? Plus what else should i look out for to enjoy all the luxuries of kali? Maybe type of wlan or anything.

    And if you would have been very kind, you can write what kind of machine you are using and if you are satisfied.

    Thank you all

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    I usually install Linux on older Window machines. It runs better than Windows and it seems to breathe new life into a sluggish window box. As to your question: AMD or Intel? If you go high end, do drivers exist for you new machine/notebook? If you want to have multiple boot partitions then go all out (Intel Core i7-4790K AMD FX-9590)

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