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Thread: problem booting the kernel in MAC OS

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    problem booting the kernel in MAC OS


    I am trying to dual boot Kali Linux in my MacBook Pro. I have followed the official tutorial:

    After finishing the process, when I reboot the computer I can see in the rEFInd menu the two possible options (MAC OS & Linux). I select the Linux option and then I enter in a new menu where I can choose between two kali options (the normal mode or the recovery mode). Here comes the problem.

    If I select the normal mode, it starts to load kali linux but the procees stops with this message:
    Early console in decompress_kernel
    Decompressing Linux...Parsing ELF... done.
    Booting the kernel.

    If I select the recovery mode, the process also stops.

    I don't understand what is happening. I have followed the tutorial step by step and I have tried it several times.

    Do you know any solution for this problem?

    Thank you!

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    I have found the solution on the internet! Here it goes:

    1. Open the EFI folder in your macbook
    2. Change the name of the refind folder to boot
    3. Open the renamed boot folder and change the name of the refind_x64.efi to bootx64.efi
    4. Now, in the refind-bin-0.8.3 folder, open the refind folder and copy the folder called drivers_x64
    5. Paste it in the boot folder of the EFI
    6. In the boot folerd, change the name of drivers_x64 to drivers
    7. Reboot and you will be able to start kali linux with no problems!

    You can find the complete solution for this problem at this link

    Hope it helps


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