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Thread: Realtek RTL 8168B - eth0 not connecting

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    Realtek RTL 8168B - eth0 not connecting


    I am having issues connecting to my network while booted to my Kali Linux partition. I just installed Kali yesterday and have had no luck getting it connected to my network while being hard wired.

    I am unable to obtain a DHCP address.
    If I statically assign my address I can ping, the address I statically assigned.

    My default gateway,, I am unable to ping. It says that the host destination is not found. ( is my subnet mask)

    While booted to my windows 7 partition I am able to get online, and I am using the same subnet scheme in win7 as I am on Linux.

    I do not have ANY wireless connections.

    I tried to download the updated driver from Realteks website and transfer it over using my external HDD but when I extract it and attempt to run it, it tells me that I need to update my header file before I can do so. I cant do this because I don't have internet while booted to Kali (i.e apt-get )

    Is there a website I can download the updated header files from and transfer them over then install em? or does anyone have any idea as to what may resolve my issue.

    My network card:
    05:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller [10ec:8168] (rev 06)

    Please advise.
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    Forum goers,

    I did some research and saw that multiple other people are having the same issue with the network card that I have. Unfortunately Fedora and Kali Linux recognize my network card as an RTL 8169 device, and it installed the wrong kernel for it.

    The fix for this solution is to go out and buy a cheap NIC and install it into your computer or a wireless USB adapter then:

    1. Update your kernel headers on your machine
    2. Download the proper NIC from your manufactures website
    3. Unpack the .tar or .bz2 file and follow the install instructions located in the package.
    4. Before completely installing the new driver rmod the RTL 8169 and black list it so it does not try to load.
    5. Once the new driver is installed reboot your machine and ensure that your NIC, the original NIC, is working.

    Thank you

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