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Thread: Help dual booting kali and windows8 driving me crazy

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    Angry Help dual booting kali and windows8 driving me crazy

    Hey hope someone can help I have a asus notebook with windows 8.1 my goal is to dual boot but I'm failing. This is supposed to be a easy task from what I read. Anyway I created a partition for the dual boot I downloaded the ISO file I've tried to boot from usb and dvd. I downloaded the 2 additional files I need to put in the edit/boot folder when I do that and try and boot from either did or usb all I get is a black screen no Kali install window. I installed the boot loader from the ISO and when I let that boot it gives me option for windows to load or continue install with Kali and I get a error saying file: g21dr.mbr
    ... I do know my bios is a uefi but there's no option what so ever for legacy mode I've also tried disabling fast boot and secure boot I believe please help

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    How did you burn the kali ISO to the USB stick? Did you use Unetbootin? If so, it could be the problem; try to burn the ISO with Win32Disk Imager, and then try to boot it.

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    1) in "security" disable "secure boot"
    2) in "advanced" enable CSM over EFI < It could be slightly different for your assus, check on the documentation of your model
    3) use dd command if you mount the ISO in linux or for windows what recommended to you Corsov ( you can do it under windows with linux live creator, it works fine too and it is pretty nice - it is a freeware)
    good luck

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