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Thread: Nexus 9 stuck in boot loop

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    Unhappy Nexus 9 stuck in boot loop

    I have done this multiple time all via windows....unlocked....rooted...downloaded zip from site for Nexus 9 specifically and moved root and booted up using TeamWin Recovery Console to install and after reboot just keeps looping. I have literally followed everything step by step on the site Preparing/Installing and same thing. This is my third go around and still fail. Like I said I followed everything step by step...MTP/Debugging/Wugfresh and everything in between as instructed. Any suggestions?

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    An update I even tried using Kali Linux NetHunter Installer on a Windows machine all the way until the reboot at the end again it got stuck at the google ball screen.

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    I don't seem to be getting any please at least tell me has anyone been successful installing Kali Nethunter on 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 of Nexus 9? I'm trying to go through the forums to see but it seems contradicting that some have and some say they really don't support it yet...even with the dates of the posts. Thank you all!

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    I use an n7 2013, and it sounds like you have tried everything I would if also in your predicament. I would flash back to completely unrooted/stock using Wugfresh NRT; and reboot the device a couple of times,charge it completely plugged into an outlet (and not a computer) using the stock cable, and then reinstall Nethunter using the Windows NH installer. (and it would work)

    maybe not many users have the n9 and that is the reason for the lack of replies? i would try to help you out if I had access to one.

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    Sorry being not of more help. But I have the same problem. I do have a Nexus 9 WiFi with 5.1. The update procedure went fine. But now the boot process is trying to optimize some applocations and the the message starting app appears. Afterwards the system reboots. I've tried twice.

    Any hint is welcome.


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    I actually managed to install NetHunter. I installed Android 5.0.1 factory image and then the installation went smooth.

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