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Thread: Kali does not boot after complete installation on virtuall box

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    Kali does not boot after complete installation on virtuall box


    I am completely new to this forum and to linux. I have been trying to install kali (64)
    on virtual box for the last week and instractions and tips from this forum were great. However I am stuck on the final step and can not find any answer to my problem.

    I installed kali on virtual box (twice already) and after installing all and the screen telling me that its time to boot your OS it takes me back to the installation mode. It did it twice already and I do not want to spend another 4 hours installing it. Any help on this?


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    You need to eject the iso /dvd that you used to make the install.
    • Either in the config of the VM/storage/Eject CD
    • or in the menu Device/Eject CD in the VM window
    • or by right-clicking on the cd icon at the bottom of VM window and choosing eject CD.

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