Hello all, my first time posting here.

I have been searching around and came up with no solution for my problem.

I recently purchased Thinkpad W541 OEM Win8 preinstalled, put in Samsung SSD500gb, G-skill 32gb (ddr3L 12800), and didn't touch the m.2 ssd 16gb, wifi ntel 7260AC+BT 2x2, gpu NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2GB, with cpu ntel Core i7-4940MX.

My problem is that I cannot boot into Kali, or more like it freezes after 5 to 10 seconds. I did clean installed from iso with no luck, live version via DVD and USB with no luck, and clonezilla from my old Dell to this new SSD with no luck.

Under recovery mode, I see that rcu_sched stalls message, which from my understanding is that part of CPU froze/stalled; I get 4, 5, or 7. Before this message, I get a warning of ACPI type mismatch requiring ACPI and nouveau E[ DRM] failed message.

I've tried changing some bios setting such as disabling the power managements and whatnots but I cannot even go into the terminal so I am stuck... Tried each ram in each socket, ran hardware diagnosis test, and installed Win8 then Kali but cannot get my pc to work.

I was away from linux world for some years but I am back with Kali and Arch(different machine but will be in virtual box when this is solved).

Anybody has any suggestions I can try? I will appreciate any insight!

Thank you!