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Thread: Wifi survey and geolocation with Kali

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    Wifi survey and geolocation with Kali

    Hi All,

    I have a job at the moment where I need to go to a number of our sites and accurarely locate where all our Wifi networks are. I have used airodump a fair bit in the past for general wifi surveying but have never really looked at geolocating the networks accurately on a map.

    Using Kali, I have tried both Kismet and Airmon-ng using a GPS but I am a little concerned over the data that is exported, specifically with the netxml files combining all the data per network into a single entry. I can't seem to find any documentation on exactly what the fields or how they are calculated. For exmaple the GPS min/max/peak/avg values, rssi values that are positive and how the program (kismet specifically) defines the network "type".

    Looking over the data as well I noticed some fairly large inaccuracies and it seems a lot of the KML I generated using giskismet relies on the last value seen? Which if I am on a hill at the end with nice line of sight, throws the actual values/location way off.

    Ideally I was hoping to try and find someway I could have some form of constant reporting with my GPS to display at every point a network is seen, the bssid, essid, power/rssi, GPS coord and date/time is recorded in a rolling log so I would have multiple entries for every network. That way I can parse over the logs and use some basic math to guestimate the wifi's location based on gps coords, altitude and signal strengths. But I cannot seem to find a way to do that eith either of the tools on Kali it seems they all want to merge the data together. I had a look at the gpsxml files from kismet but is looks like it is taking in info from not just the APs but any device that is seen to the RSSI values are all over the place.

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


    Would any

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    I think what you would want to do atleast to see if it can help is get a gps running and recording all data to a > outfile. Then at the same time keep a polling log of your wifi beacons with tshark. All you would need to do then is correlate the two together using the timestamps. I had a similar idea a long time ago using 3 directional antennas and a enterprise grade gps. That way using proper math you could in theory pinpoint the exact location the wifi device resides in a residence. IMHO google and skyhook have already done a pretty good job of this. So rather than rolling your own it might be worthwhile to just quary one of those services. They use the 3 strongest networks you can see and triangulate your location based on that info from what i remember.

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