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Thread: Any recommendations for a cheap mini PC (like Pi)?

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    Question Any recommendations for a cheap mini PC (like Pi)?

    I'd like to have a small and portable mini PC that can run Kali Linux fairly well, but I'm having trouble deciding which one to get.
    I'm thinking of buying the Raspberry Pi 2, but I'm wondering if there's something better for a similar price.
    I need the following:
    • At least 2 USB ports (I'd prefer 4)
    • Ethernet port
    • At least 2 cores
    • Fast enough CPU so that it doesn't take ages to boot
    • It's possible to power from a battery with decent battery life
    • Is about the size of a Pi

    Do you have any recommendations? Or should I just get the Pi?

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    That really hard to say, Pi2 is good but most usb are taken up you can port in a portable laptop hub for more ports,
    Besides rooting the tablet seems good so.far, pi2.ran into some trouble witb the tools showing after apt-get install kali-lunix-full.
    I did see it was chromebook capable.
    It has usbs and it a small laptop(portable).
    Current tablet was 40.00 rca quad core
    Rooted and so far adding tools is the only problem but there are work arounds
    Hope this helps
    There a whole list

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