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Thread: DHCP issues on network connection

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    DHCP issues on network connection

    *Dual Boot WIN8.1 with Kali*

    No DHCP offers received (when /etc/networks/interfaces is : auto eth0; iface eth0 inet dhcp
    I have tried both managed and un-managed through network manager
    I have also tried static IP: auto eth0; iface eth0 inet static; address; netmask; gateway; network; broadcast
    I have done: route add default gw and verified with route -n

    It will either not work statically nor with DHCP.

    I have also tried commenting out the " r34323..." or whatever line in the dhclient.conf as well tried the send vendor-class-indentifier "MSFT 5.0".

    My home router is set up for DHCP, but will work if I do static. My last open IP is .20. I prefer to have DHCP working so that when I travel, I dont always have to reassign a new IP every time.


    I have tred multiple drivers ( Realtek for my GA-990FXA-UD3) I did a msinfo32.exe while on win to verify what version I needed. I tried 2 drivers dwnld from Realtek for Linux for my version. The first didn't take and the second established a wired connection (not notification only) I was still unable to receive any dhcp offers or establish a static connection. I have also tried the settings in my router.

    Does anyone have this MB and fixed this issue?

    Thanks for the help

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