I've searched high and low and I'm really surprised that this isn't a bigger issue (assuming I'm not doing something stupid), since oclHashcat (and cudaHashcat of course) is by far the fastest cracking software. It seems that people are able to get cudaHashcat running, but for those of us with AMD/ATI GPUs it seems like we're SOL. The only solution I've seen mentioned that I haven't tried yet is the one that says if you want to run Kali and oclHashcat you need to run Kali 32-bit. Before I wipe my Kali 64-bit install I was hoping someone could bail me out on this.

As all you oclHashcat users know you have to use the Catalyst 14.9 drivers. Based on what I've read the repo packages for the AMD drivers are the later (incompatible with oclHashcast) version, so I'm trying to run the 14.9 installer instead of grabbing the binaries with apt-get.

So what I did was follow the steps on the HC wiki for installing the drivers:
https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=linux_server_howto (Section "Install AMD Catalyst")

Despite having DKMS installed when the driver was installed it said some errors were generated even though it said it was successfully installed and to check the log. The made mention it could not build it against DKMS. IIRC DKMS is for keeping the driver working across kernel upgrades, which I don't plan on doing so I figure I wouldn't bother.

When I went to check the temps with: aticonfig --adapter=all --odgt
It said: amdconfig: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32
This indicated that it was using a 32-bit lib instead of a 64-bit lib and the installed must have overwrote it because each time I run the ATI installer it reverts that lib to 32-bit. So I have to apt-get the libGl again to reinstall so it would place the 64-bit lib back.

After doing that I can run: fglrxinfo (which shows my 3 GPUs) and fgl_glxgears (but only giving me 90 frames a second on the animation so something probably wrong)

I try to get the temps again with aticonfig but I would get the error about the Xorg.conf file not being configured. So I run:
aticonfig --adapter=all --initial

That runs fine and the xorg.conf file shows all 3 of my GPUs in there. However, once I reboot instead of booting to the Gnome desktop it just loads a bash login.

So I delete Xorg.conf and reboot and the desktop loads as it should.

I try to run the aticonfig again it says I'm missing the xorg.conf config, so I run the --initial flag to build it.

Instead of rebooting and losing the desktop I see if I can get it work now that it has the info it needs in Xorg.conf.

When I run it now I get: ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands

Now clearly X is running since I staring at the desktop. I even try to run X again and it tells me it can't be started because it is already running on display 0

Speaking of display... I did try exporting the display variable using 0, :0, :0.0... basically everything it could possibly be looking for. I also tried adding the radeon.modeset=0 to the grub.cfg as someone mentioned in another thread.

At this point I'm out ideas... but the problem seems to be that aticonfig is not detecting that X is running, and perhaps this has something to do with Gnome not being able to load once Xorg.conf is present. I've tried checking the X logs but haven't found anything that stands out.

Or, perhaps the issue is originating back with not being able to build against DKMS and/or the fact the installer overwrite libGL with a 32-bit version.

Has anyone successfully deploy oclHashcat on Kali 64-bit? This implies running ATI 14.9 drivers (ideally, I suppose older drivers could work assuming there is not a significant compute performance hit).