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Thread: Nexus 7 (2013) Stuck on Google Unlock screen after Step #6 - Flash Stock Android

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    Nexus 7 (2013) Stuck on Google Unlock screen after Step #6 - Flash Stock Android

    Hey, so I'm relatively new to the Android flash scene -- my apologies if this is a simple case. I searched the forums and didn't find anything that sounds like what I'm seeing, but maybe didn't know what to search for.

    I'm running the NetHunter Installer for Windows v1.2.7, and I have completed steps through #6, where it opened up a command prompt and installed a bunch of things.

    Upon restart, the device goes to a black screen with white "Google" in the middle and a white lock (slightly opened) on the bottom. And it just sits there. My understanding is that this screen should only appear for a few seconds at most.

    What next steps should I take to restart or resume the installation? I can get to the Bootloader menu, but none of the options appear to take me anywhere useful, they all just take me to the google unlock screen as before (if I select Start or Recovery mode), restart the bootloader, or shut down (when choosing the relevant options).

    Cheers for any help you can offer.

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    I had the same issue. I am guessing that used the kitkat 4.4 flash option? If you did and you were on 5.0 or newer it causes some issues for some weird reason. What I did was download Nexus Root Toolkit by wugfresh. I then put my nexus 7 in bootloader mode(which you should still be able to). Then flash it using the tool back to 5.1.

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    okay here the solution to fix that issue you need to flash a modified recovery img via adb
    after making sure that your drivers is installed and adb and fastboot works great on your pc get into the bootloader menu
    then plug your tab to the pc and open cmd and write this command: fastboot flash boot the_boot_file.img

    then you can now get into the reocvery file and flash roms, you can flash cyanogen mod at first then flash kali with multirom

    here is the link for the boot img:

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    This kind of ticks me off.
    I bought a Nexus 7 just to run Nethunter. I followed the instructions and used the correct version (5.1.1) and it got stuck at step 6. I have followed several different webpages advice in trying to reset to factory but it still only goes to the Google screen with a lock on it.

    Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

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