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Thread: HID Ducky Script Attacks -- We need a key-set Update!

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    Exclamation HID Ducky Script Attacks -- We need a key-set Update!

    There needs to be an update for the key-sets in the HID Ducky Script attacks!

    In the American English Language, the _ (underscore) is a - (hyphen).
    I suspect that there are many more inconsistencies in the key-set programming.

    I have a LG D820 Nexus 5.
    I have tested this on BOTH Nethunter Lollipop and KitKat

    Thank you for reading my bug report.

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    I've noticed the issue too, a workaround I've discovered is by changing the language in the script gui to british english works for getting the underscore back, the only thing is quotes " and the @ sign are swapped for each other. Keeping that in mind you can make most things functional.

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    Hi, Do guys still need it? Actually it happened on the but not the
    And so far I just found two messed-up key-sets.
    1: In American English Language, the _ (underscore) is a - (hyphen).
    2: In British English Language, the @ (At) and ' (apostrophe) are in reverse, means you type @ it becomes ', you type ', it becomes @.

    So I just made a little change to the, and now should be working fine.
    Download link :

    You can test it and if you find any other messed-up key-set, you may post it here, I may want to give it a fix.

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