I am using Kali in VM and connected to Internet via Bridged Adapter.
It gets the IP from DHCP of my router and "resolv.conf" files contains my ISP DNS Servers and also search;domain name as "a" as configured in my router.
I tried all the methods (editing the resolv.conf file)changing the DNS Server to
Google DNS Servers and also my router Gateway ( but the "apt-get update" fails and unable to open webpages in the browser.
Ping;dig and everything works from the command line.

Virtual Box : 5.0.0 r101573
Kali Linux : 1.1.0 (moto)

Changed the "Network Interfaces.conf" ifupdown=true but still the problem exist.

Traceroute shows all stars like "* * *" for all the 30hops.