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Thread: Multiboot Kali/Win7/other distro - install to HD or USB Key (Live)?

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    Multiboot Kali/Win7/other distro - install to HD or USB Key (Live)?

    What do you think is better, and why, for a multiboot setup (I plan to run TinyCore, LXLE (Lubuntu), Win 7, and Kali on the same machine:

    1) install to Hard disk, or

    2) install to USB to run as live distro?

    The way I see it, there are a few options:

    1) do a GRUB install of Win 7/LXLE/TC onto the HDD, and just run Kali from a USB drive as a live distro (with persistence most likely), or

    2) install all of them to HD and use GRUB as the bootloader to select which one to run (I would partition the drive into 4 partitions + swap)

    Thoughts on this? Advantages, disadvantages? If it matters, the machine is a custom built ROG Crosshair IV Formula AMD Phenom II (4 core)/12GB RAM/500gb HD desktop (soon to have an additional minimum 1tb HDD installed, maybe 3tb). I plan to set up a virtual pentesting lab using VMWare (most likely) to play around with Kali, but I'll use LXLE as my daily OS, and Win 7 for certain tasks (TC is an "experimental" OS for me). Thanks!

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    It depends on how you want to use your system. Bootable USB are nice because you can take them anywhere and run them on any computer, but if you're never going to use it anywhere else then you are bottle-necking your system by making it use the USB bus. I was running airodump-ng on a USB v2.0 dongle and my packet rate was horrible. I had a huge performance increase when I installed to a hard disk. However, if you are going to use Kali for some of the forensic tools, then the USB key would be really handy.

    It largely depends on what kind of work you are going to do. Personally, I like it on my hard drive.

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